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Isn’t it obvious? We are all supporters of Manchester United and so naturally we called our church ‘red’.

For a more serious answer, Red Church believes that Jesus was not just a normal guy who lived 2000 years ago, but that he was central to God’s plan to save us.

We believe that what Jesus said is still relevant for us today. In some bibles everything that Jesus says is in red and we believe these words, which changed the world 2000 years ago, can still change the world today.

We believe that Jesus died on the cross and this changes everything. On the cross Jesus chose to spill his blood and give his life up for all of us. We believe that because of this one act the world was transformed forever and as a church we have an opportunity to be a part of this ongoing transformation.

We believe that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we have all been redeemed. We have been released from the things that stops us getting to God and we have been given a new life. Red church is a group of people who have been given a new life through Jesus – we are redemption people.